meHi, I’m Emma. First time mum to identical twin girls Amelie and Fleur.

My journey into motherhood was a long one as struggles with fertility meant we had to follow an emotional and difficult path through fertility treatment but low and behold we got lucky and our lives were turned upside down ( for the better of course) with the arrival of the twins.

Motherhood is everything and more that I expected it to be but boy is there more to it than you think. Life as a mum of multiples is a whole new ball game and everyday is a HUGE learning curve. I remember very clearly my anxieties through pregnancy, how will I cope? Will I be a good enough mother? Can I love them both equally? Being honest to myself and you those anxieties haven’t changed but I have. I’ve accepted that things are not always glossy and perfect, that little things can be huge challenges but most importantly I’ve learned about my own resilience and ability to cope. I am stronger than I ever believed I could be both physically and mentally.

The journey to motherhood meant I have had to make some big life decisions and left my job as a full time secondary art teacher to be a full time mum. As a result my struggles have changed but so have my priorities. Swapping the banter of a staffroom to the repetition of a nursery rhyme and the babble of a toddler. Coffee and cake, for swigs from beakers and the left over crusts on the plates at lunch.

This little blog is my way of sharing what I have learned and the adventures I continue to share with my beautiful family. To celebrate the highs and offload the lows.

Through desperation to make contact with adults I  have discovered a brilliant community of amazingly wise women and hope  along the way to share some of their insights too, as jeez don’t we need as much help as parents as we can get.


And most importantly a little Mummy’s treats area, a place to share those little indulgences, no matter how big or small but those things that we look forward to, little gifts to ourselves for quite frankly being pretty damned AMAZING!


Hope you like what you read, please do comment and share your own stories and experiences.