Parenting “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it!”

Gone are the days when I would leisurely rise from my slumber and have my day perfectly planned ahead of me. Breakfast, travel, 5 hours of crazy teenagers, meetings, markings……you’ve got the picture. Being at home, as a SAHM ( us teacher folk love acronym’s) means my sleep is more often than not broken by the sound of little fists hammering against their door, followed by at least 20 “MUUUMMMMEEEEE” in a row followed by demands for biscuits, milk and Milkshake Monkey. When I eventually get to think about the day ahead, my first question in a slightly panicky tone is what shall we do today?

At this point I dream of all the amazing things we could do and achieve but in reality and funds dependant days with the girls can be fly by the seat of your pants and anything but planned.


A firm favourite of mine is to go to a park. We live in a town with a pretty decent selection of children’s play-areas and my appreciation of the humble playground has definitely gone up since I’ve had toddlers. I like to mix it up a bit visiting different ones on different days. More so that I don’t get bored and will at least, twice a week happen to go to the one nearest hubbies work so he gets to tag along in his lunch break.  Rest bite for me, normally a freebie coffee ( he’s paying in my eyes thats free) and he gets to see the girls. Win Win.

I often fear that the girls miss out attending nursery but my living room is a fully stocked day care facility. Arts, crafts, books, Duplo and so many Happyland characters we are falling over them for space. But play generally ends up being more experimental. Dancing in our hats, taking tea with teddies or building dens with blankets, towels and the freshly folded washing.  Dinnertime comes around and another day has slipped away and I wonder ” what actually did we do today?”.


I’ve not had time to note any key miles stones hit or seen any progress addressed from previously play sessions. BUT what I do have are two very happy girls, whose social skills, language and logic some how are doing pretty damned well. They are thriving, so the trips to coffee shops, parks, random activities don’t matter. It isn’t what they are doing which is making a difference, it’s the way we do it. The experiences are all new and although I have to remind myself of this very regularly and I feel I am failing them by them, missing out, actually what I am doing is okay and I have the best seal of approval possible. Two happy children.

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