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Craft ideas with 2 year olds- Paper dolls

As a qualified art teacher and painter I feel there is an expectation that my girls should like me be ” creative” and so whenever possible I try and make and craft with them. Now my house is in no means set up for this, most of my art things have been shoved in the garage, my kitchen is tiny and I have carpet throughout my lounge/diner, not a recipe for messy play. However  with years of dealing with other kids mess I’m toughened to it so crack on all the same.

Crayoning/colouring is a daily activity in the Goodier house, the girls can help themselves to colours and books and love nothing better to scribble away creating post modernist masterpieces. So when we have a making day they relish in the change of materials and get stuck right in.

Now I deviate a little from my story as I need to mention my local   library   It offers not only a weekly singing extravaganza called Rhyme Time, which we LOVE  but also holds amazing free workshops in the holidays offering crafts and stories. These are great because its not my front room, carpets or tables which are getting messy!

But we also love the library as children can borrow LOADS of books, we regularly take 10 a week but I think we could borrow 20 if we really felt the urge. One of this weeks offerings was Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb.

Image credits to

A bit of a tear jerker ( although maybe I’m just a soppy cow), beautifully written and  illustrated and about a little girl not much older than mine.

So after the hundredth read in a day I decided that I would be that mummy in the book ( spoiler alert) and help my girls make paper dolls of their own.

So materials required as follows:

Roll of paper- backing paper did nicely.

Scissors of course for adults only, mine were blunt so a nightmare to use.

A random selection of things to stick, Poundland do a great selection. We have mini pompoms, glitter, stickers, tissue paper,  goggly eyes and feathers.

Glue or “sticky sticky” as its known by in my household

oh and the trusty pens and crayons.


I stupidly decided to go freehand with the cutting, multiple layers of paper and blunt scissors made this a very hard task. I suggest drawing a design first and then cutting, but the girls loved them anyhow. Then freedom, I let them do as they pleased and they understood the idea, made reference to the book and even tried to make every paper person individual.

The result a rather random and slightly disturbing at times selection of paper monsters but work they were pretty proud of all the same.

A quick activity and not overly messy BUT TOP TIP from me, put a sheet or mat down under the table first. Amelie decided she would tip the whole of the craft box onto the floor and it took me as long to pick up eyes and pompoms as it did for them to focus on the task.  Would I do it again? Yes and urge you to do the same but it worked really well with the story and now when we read the book the girls float around the room with their very own paperdolls20170905_161030.jpg

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