Mamas top tips


Imagine a little corner of the internet and social media where GREAT top tips were shared with you by those who have been there too. 

Well look no further. This page is dedicated to doing just that. Along with the use of #mamastoptips on instagram I’ll be sharing top tips from some great mamas and papas along with links to their own fabulous sites and pages. 

  • 20170920_133037.jpgBoth my girls have colds, I used to buy the expensive plug in vaporisers  which would fill the room with menthol fumes to help them breath, however a huge money saving top tip from me is to use just a small amount of vapour rub for their chest and rub on the radiator with a tissue or a cloth. As the room warms the smell of the vapour rub fills the room acting like a plug in vaporiser
  • kim Palmer- @clementineappuk – don’t over use the no! it’s pointless and loses its impact.  why don’t we  try this  instead? Yes you can have that later but right  now we are doing this etc.
  • Marianne Fox- @mmvfox127- Distraction. Example your child is stamping their feet in the supermarket aisle or in front of the bath…….No problem! Say to them ” I forgot to tell you what you are having for dinner tonight/ doing this weekend your gonna love it. ” Give them time to guess whilst moving away from the biscuits  ( supermarket) or getting them undressed ( bath). Before you know it, the tantrum/argument is all forgotten.